KIA gives response to Ocala woman affected by burning car on I-4

Published: May. 29, 2018 at 7:38 PM EDT
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A week after her car burst into flames, a woman from Ocala is still waiting to hear why.

This happened on I-4 near Disney.

The 2012 Kia Sorento was totally engulfed in flames. The car was totaled within minutes.

Susan King, says she was driving her friend Tyla Kennedy's car and Susan said in a quote to the driver recording, "I got out and suddenly the car was engulfed in flames. She said my life. I'm incredibly grateful and she was my angel that day. It was surreal."

Tyla says after seeing her car, she noticed all of her family pictures, laptops and money were all burned or destroyed.

She did some digging and was shocked to find out that her car was under a safety recall involving an engine defect.

Tyla Kennedy the car’s owner said, "After seeing pictures of the car I started googling car catches on fire, what can cause a car fire, Kia Sorento and then it showed Kia Sorento on Google. And I clicked on it and sure enough there was a recall for engine failure."

So Kennedy called Kia and she says customer service told her that they had no valid address to send the safety recall notice to.

Tyla Kennedy said, "They just didn't have my address. Maybe their computers failed maybe they lost some contacts, I'm not sure what happened."

Now, without a car and upside down in her loan, Kennedy says she puts the blame on the dealership.

Tyla Kennedy said, "Kia should be held accountable for this especially seeing all of the other victims that have been in similar situations like myself and I just want other people to be aware."

Kia reached back out to us and issued this statement:

".... Kia has not been granted access to inspect the vehicle and therefore is unable to determine the cause of this particular incident.

Based on d-m-v records received, KMA sent the recall notice to the customer's last known address and promptly updated its records upon notification by the customer of the incorrect mailing address. “

Kia will work with the customer and her insurance company, and if the fire is determined to be the result of a KIA engine quality issue, KIA will work with the customer to reach a satisfactory resolution to the issue.”