Kanapaha Botanical Gardens Breaks Their Own World Record

Published: Aug. 23, 2019 at 11:04 AM EDT
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Kanapaha botanical gardens has recently broke their own world record. One of their Water Lilly’s, the Victoria Cruziana measured in at over 7 and a half feet.

In 2016 they broke the world record of 84 inches with a Lilly that measured in at 85 inches and this year, they have one Cruziana that has already measured at 91 inches.

Even though the water Lilly’s are in season during the summer, the process for growing them is year round.

Caffrey says, “we collect the seeds in the fall and then we germinate the seeds in a heated greenhouse. The water has to be about 85 degrees. Usually they germinate around February, but we usually don’t get them out into the water until May or June. “

Right now the Victoria Cruziana and other Water Lilly’s are the popular attractions at Kanapaha, but they also have other exhibits in season.

Right now some of the main gardens that are blooming is the butterfly hill and the hummingbird garden.

If you want to head to the botanical gardens to check out the record breaking Water Lilly, you had better do so quickly, the Victoria Cruziana will only be around for another month or so.