Keeping Exotic Animals Warm Through Cold Weather

Cold temperatures this week have wildlife experts making changes, to make sure all of their exotic animals are safe.
Tv20's Landon Harrar shows us how different wildlife housing facilities are working to make sure every animal stays warm.

At the Carson Springs Wildlife Conservation Foundation facilities employees do the opposite of what they normally do to keep their animals safe.
President and Co-founder of the Conservation Foundation Christine Janks explained"We have heat lamps, we have heaters, we board up any areas that the wind comes through, all the things in the summer that works so well to keep them cool and in the shade and happy are the opposite of what we need this week."
Specific animals have to be brought inside when temperatures get to low.
Janks said "For instance our lemurs, and June Bug is the one right behind me, they're not by code allowed to be outside in anything less than 60 degrees temperature."
Tv-20's Landon Harrar reported"Its not just the cold thats the problem its really when it starts to get windy and of course when it starts raining that causes the most hardships for these animals."
The Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo's Director Jonathan Miot said "The next couple of days we're looking at rain and then 30's, its going to be pretty cold and pretty bad so we'll bring in some of the birds and some of the primates we'll bring in.
Heating lamps and extra bedding isn't the only special treatment for cold animals.
Janks said "We raise all of their rations with the cold weather because they burn more calories and we're very conscious about maintaining their weight at an optimum level."
Jonathan miot says this cold spell does have a benefit not normally available.
Miot mentioned "The students get kind of a taste of that cold weather and what its like to work out when its cold, when you have to think about other things when it comes to your animals so definitely its a great teaching moment and one we don't get very often."
Janks told TV-20 they've even emptied the tigers pools so they don't go swimming and catch a cold because they're wet.