Kitten rescued from tree in Walmart parking lot

Published: Dec. 27, 2019 at 8:56 PM EST
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Thursday night a desperate plea for help on a social media message board came through when an 8-week old kitten got stuck in a tree at the Butler Plaza Walmart

The owners of the female kitten named Onyx are from out of town and were trying to train the kitten to sit on their shoulders while they walked. However, a loud noise scared the cat and she got stuck roughly 20 feet up a tree.

After being told fire rescue couldn't help they took to the message board "Gainesville word of mouth" where a man who lives just 5 minutes down the road agreed to bring a ladder which they used to get the kitten down.

Daniel Bleasdale who brought the ladder said, "they were trying to get in contact with anyone they could, they even went in and got some cat food to try and coax it down themselves but it was too scared."

The owner climbed the ladder up the tree while Bleasdale held the ladder he brought to help. The kitten was in the tree for almost 2 hours and Bleasdale described it not as sitting on a branch but clinging to the tree "spider-man" style.

All in all the kitten was stuck in the tree for almost 2 hours, we reached out to the owners who say even after the frightening ordeal Onyx is doing just fine and is as playful as always.