Kittens recovering after being thrown from moving truck

GAINESVILLE, Fla., (WCJB) -- Imagine driving down a road and watching kittens being thrown out of a moving vehicle. That's exactly what happened to one woman in Gainesville who happened to be walking by when it happened.

"I've been rescuing cats and involved in cat rescues since 2013," stated O'Driscoll.

Dhyanna O'Driscoll received a call on Mothers Day that two four-week-old kittens were seen being thrown from a moving truck at the southeast 16th Avenue & Main street intersection in Gainesville.

Both kittens have a few bruises but one also suffered a severe injury.

"This one had a very large deep wound I would say close to the bone even, on her foot from being thrown on the road," stated O'Driscoll.

O'Driscoll says the woman who picked up the kittens called the Gainesville police department for help but was unsuccessful.

"The girl that saw that this had the kittens in her hand and she said she was shaking and crying and she called GPD and GPD said that they weren't going to come out and do a report. And I've also called GPD and I asked you know are there cameras and can we try to find this person," stated O'Driscoll.

TV20 reached out to GPD who says they have no record that they were even called regarding the incident.

"Hopefully they make a full recovery and you know forget that this ever happened and go on and live happy lives," stated O'Driscoll.