Lake City Easter "Eggstravaganza"

Published: Mar. 31, 2018 at 6:39 PM EDT
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Thousands of Lake City residents brought their kids to the rodeo grounds this afternoon, to hunt easter eggs after they rained from the sky as part of the 2nd annual Helicopter Drop Eggstravaganza

Jennifer and Matthew Skowron brought their two daughters to the hunt, Jennifer said "We were all excited about it the girls have been hyping it up for months it was really fun."

This huge easter egg hunt was hosted by City Church volunteers and the idea came from seeing other churches do similar events around the country.

Lead Pastor of City Church Travis Buchanan explained why he wanted to use this opportunity to give back to the community. "We thought how cool would it be just to do an egg hunt on steroids and me being the guy I am I'm going to go for it and I thought it was a brilliant idea so I wanted to drop eggs out of the sky and bless the community and bless the kids of Columbia County."

To make sure every kid got their share of eggs, thousands were pre-wrapped and filled with candy.

Pastor Buchannan said "We've got 15-thousand eggs, they're wrapped and they all have candy in them and we'll actually drop about 5 to 6 thousand out of the sky, the rest of them are scattered around the ground."

Matthew Skowron explained how he saw the event happen. "There was a ton of eggs over 15-thousand eggs from what I heard but there were plenty all the kids seemed to have a bucket full it was a lot of fun."

Once the eggs had been dropped, the kids were unleashed, in groups separated by age.

2nd Grade egg hunter Summer Camiel said "It was like a hurricane, all the people, people like them, they got a bunch of eggs."

3rd Grade egg hunter Braxton Dicks agree it was hectic, but he enjoyed himself. "It was like a lot of people going and picking up stuff, I got like about 20 eggs and it was just fun."

Every kid went home with some candy, as for parents hoping they might get a bit of the candy? Braxton Dicks had this to say when we asked him if he'd share with his mom.

"No! None at all!"

Pastor Buchanan estimated around 3-thousand people showed up, and for anybody who wants to attend next year, there are also hunts for toddlers and special needs children.