Lake City car burglar caught by truck owner who threatened to arrange him "a meeting with Christ"

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A Lake City man was caught red-handed after breaking into a Ford F-150 by the owner of the truck.

According to the Columbia County Sheriff's Office arrest report on August 10th, 25-year-old Don Winchester was walking away from the vehicle when he was approached by the owner.

The owner said to him "If you don't turn around and walk away I will arrange you a meeting with Christ." Winchester listened to the man and immediately walked away, which is when the owner called 911.

When the man got back into his F-150, he noticed his things had been moved around and his wallet, badge, badge holder and notepad were missing.

He followed Winchester in his truck until the Sherriff's Office arrived.

A deputy found all of the missing items from the man's truck in Winchester's pockets. Winchester then asked if he could apologize, and said he was "stupid" and should not have gone into the truck, according to the report.

Handcuffed in the back of the police vehicle, Winchester was then asked by a deputy to step out so he could be searched further.

Another deputy noticed Winchester reaching around his back to grab a gun. Winchester did not release the weapon when he was told, and the deputy had to force it out of his hands.

Winchester did not have a concealed carry permit. He was also found with an unlabeled pill bottle with 13 pills inside.

Don Winchester has been charged with burglary, carrying a concealed firearm, petit theft, and resisting arrest.

He is being held at Columbia County Jail with a $28,000 bond.