Landfill in Alachua County increases height

Alachua County officials check on properties like Florence's every five years.

In 2015, Florence's Recycling and Disposal's current owner filed a request to expand the height of their disposed materials by thirty-five feet.

Nearly four years later the request has been approved.

They're asking to go from one hundred fifty-nine feet to one hundred ninety-five feet.
The County Commission found the expansion would not have a negative effect on the surrounding communities, as Florence's only handles materials from construction sites.

However residents like Sara Goff, with Gainesville's Repurpose Project think just about any trash could be turned into treasure.
"Someone can see something and think its ready to get thrown away and someone else can see the exact opposite and transform it into something beautiful," said Goff.

In a phone call, we spoke to the owner of Florence's.
He tells TV20 the materials found on his property are from local construction sites.
He says they first separate recycable materials, then use private trucks to dispose all other trash to their landfill.