Large crowds flock to mall for tax-free back-to-school shopping.

With school starting soon the Oaks Mall was full of families doing their last minute shopping, and the addition of a tax-free weekend added to the crowds. Here's how mall employees and shoppers reacted to the extra people searching for better deals.

Tax-free weekend lasts until Sunday and can be used on clothes and shoes under 60 dollars per item and most school supplies under 15 dollars per item. Some mall employees scheduled to work came in early to get in on the action.

Omari Modest works at a shoe store in the mall he said "so it's the tax-free weekend so I decided to do a little grips and grabs for myself for tax-free weekend. I don't see why workers wouldn't be able to participate so I just decided to join in."

Parents with kids and shopping bags in tow will be a common sight at the mall all weekend.
Dylan Bradley is a manager at a clothing and shoe store and he described what people seemed to be looking for. " I was helping some customers right before I was coming out and they were buying two pairs of converse three backpacks, t-shirts and like everybody is stocking up right now."
Eboni McPhee had three children of her own she was looking for back to school items for. "Shopping trying to catch the sales shoes, uniforms, clothes, Nike, that's it.
"Modest added what he was looking for deals wise. "Probably some shoes I got to get my nephew some shoes too so I don't see why I wouldn't go on and get somebody else something while I'm here."

And you can tell by just how hard it is to find a parking space how many people are taking advantage of tax-free deals.
Bradley said, "so far it's been a little less busy than I expected, still pretty crazy, but not as bad as I would have thought."
McPhee said for her it was busier than she's seen in quite some time. "I didn't expect these many people, yesterday was okay but today there's a lot of people here."

So whether shopping is your cup of tea or not, Like Greg Schilling who came from Lake City.
"I mean I love spending money." his daughter chimed in quickly afterward "no he hates spending money."
Or you want your kids to look good for their first day of school like McPhee.
"I want them clean I don't want them dirty but education is what's most important."
The tax-free weekend continues until Sunday.