Larry's Giant Subs closing its doors for good

Published: May. 24, 2020 at 3:32 PM EDT
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Larry's Giant Subs located in Midtown next to the Swamp is closing its doors for good. We'll show you how many people came to say goodbye and what memories they were able to physically take with them.

Larry's Giant Subs actually had its lease end in February but its owner fought to keep it open until May. However, COVID-19 made it too difficult to fight for another few months.

Owner Sarah Whitfield explained, "COVID happened and because of that none of the students will really be on campus this summer in the apartments all around us. That's what most of our business is, students, so that was a big impact on the decision not to fight anymore or push to stay longer."

Whitfield says soon to take its place…an apartment complex similar to the standard.

David Steinfeldt recently graduated from UF and said, "all my friends know me as Larry's guy now and it's sad to see it go. I hate all the students that come after me won't have this restaurant to experience, it's just a shame to see it go up for some apartments."

Ty Vanduyn is a 3rd-year UF student who said, "I was absolutely devastated. I and a couple of my friends made a group chat to discuss it and we have plans to come back in formal attire to celebrate everything it has meant to us these past few years."

TV20's Landon Harrar reported "If you're going to miss Larry's Giant Subs you can actually take a bit of it home. They're selling off chairs, tables, pictures you may have seen inside and sauces and of course shirts. They'll be open tonight until 3 am and anything they have not sold you will be able to buy, just walk in and ask and if it's there you can take it with you."

Steinfeldt said, "I got a table and two chairs and a couple of signs. I'm moving next year to a house with some of my buddies and we're all Larry's fans so we're decorating with Larry's stuff it's how we'll remember it."

Whitfield explained why she wanted to let people take some of her restaurant home with them. " So the idea that people who have meant so much to me can take stuff and have it mean something to them I hope they love it and remember it."

As for the Swamp Restaurant located just across the plaza from Larry's, there is still no designated date for when construction on the apartment complex will start.

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