Marion County Elections Supervisor prepares candidates and voters with 'Candidate Workshop'

Published: Jan. 16, 2020 at 5:25 PM EST
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The Marion County Supervisor of Elections held a free '2020 candidate workshop' Thursday night. It's designed for anyone thinking about running for office

The class helps residents understand the election process. The class takes a look at election laws, candidate qualifying requirements, deadlines and more.

With Ocala's special election for the city's open District 2 seat and the Florida National Primaries coming up on March 17th, this class helps get candidates and voters get ready.

"We want to ensure that each of the candidates knows that we as the election office, we want to be the partner with their campaign to ensure that they comply with all statutory regulations, timelines, we're here to help them,” said the Marion County Supervisor of Elections, Wesley Wilcox.

The Supervisor of Elections holds these workshops periodically throughout the year, but Wilcox is urging residents to participate now as candidates have to stick to strict deadlines and may miss important dates if they wait to take the class later in the year.

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