Levy County gearing up for Hurricane Dorian

Published: Aug. 28, 2019 at 6:07 PM EDT
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As projections continue to show hurricane Dorian on a path to Florida, Levy County Emergency Management is trying to get everything in order for a second major weather event in 2 weeks.

Here's what Levy County Residents need to be aware of.

No concrete decisions about sandbag pick up locations or opening storm shelters have been made as of Wednesday evening because Dorian is still so far away, but the good news is residents right now aren't expected to be asked to evacuate.

John MacDonald is the Director for Levy County Emergency Management who said, "our posture right now is we're moderately concerned about it. Going into the weekend that's going to escalate a bit. Once we get past this 5-day area cone and we actually get a true definition of where we think this thing is going to go, then that will get our posture changed to where we really start stepping up."

Patricia Rowe has lived in Levy County for more than 15 years and she said: "people are out there you know weathering the storm and we just try to make sure we're prepared with water and batteries and fuel."

Emergency management personnel are mostly worried about Dorian dumping more rain on already soaked and flooded locations said, MacDonald. "It could be really bad it could be worse than what they've already seen added on top of that."

Rowe added, "I believe it will, only because it still hasn't gone down yet and I travel through Bronson to get here every day and it hasn't gone down much at all so that is kind of scary."

It's important to note any residents who saw damage from the previous storm will not be able to conjoin the damage from both storms when asking for assistance

MacDonald explained, "any future damage going forward from his point, from Dorian that will be a separate event and calculated differently and it will be totally separate from the last flooding event we had."

Even more trees than usual are expected to come down from Dorian's winds because the ground is already saturated which makes it easier for trees to uproot.

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