Levy County supervisor of elections hosts "voter university"

Published: Jan. 15, 2020 at 6:14 PM EST
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Concerns about security for the upcoming 2020 elections have at least one supervisor of elections getting questions answered.

Here's how a "voter university" is designed to calm voter concerns.

Tv20's Landon Harrar reported, "the idea behind the "Voter University" is so anyone with questions whether it be about security concerns or even the voting process itself can walk through the elections office doors and get those questions answered directly from the mouth of the supervisor of elections herself."

The biggest question causing concern is what securities are in place to keep your vote safe.

Stacey peters who was a participant in the 2-hour class said, "what I think is at the forefront of most peoples' minds is elections security and she made sure to go through that and took us through a process that they go through and it's very elaborate. I encourage everyone to go in and have a conversation with their supervisor of elections and say what are you doing to protect my vote."

Supervisor of Elections Tammy Jones said, "one thing I wanted to point out today is we have paper ballots and then we have things in place that things could be counted without technology and think it's important for people to have the confidence that they're vote does count."

Voters will also see a different option on the voting machines than was previously available.

Jones said, "this year we will be having a bilingual ballot so for those people who feel more comfortable reading Spanish that will be available on our ballot this year."

Jones says anybody is welcome to walk in with questions during a regular business day, or they can attend other similar style classes in the near future.

"voters have a lot of questions and concerns and this idea was brought to me and I just felt it would be a great time to kick off 2020 and educate voters about the upcoming elections and we plan to host more of these workshops in the future."