Local artist repairs 34th St. Tom Petty mural

A Gainesville artist is helping to keep the memory of a local legend alive.

The mural of Tom Petty on the 34th St. graffiti wall was painted by an anonymous artist shortly after Petty died last year.

Since then Blake Harrison, a local artist, has made it his mission to keep the mural visible.

Today, Harrison is fulfilling that mission by repairing a portion that was painted over yesterday.

"It confuses me a bit because there is so much more space on the wall and this is a pretty important mural - a memorial mural - for Tommy. We could of course maybe paint it somewhere else in the city but this wall means a lot to the city. So does Tommy. So, it seems like an appropriate space for it," said Harrison.

Harrison says he'll continue to repair the mural as long as he lives in Gainesville.