Local barbers and hairstylists pair with organization to end violence

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB)- Local barbers and hairstylists are working with Gainesville’s Green Dot Program to help end violence in their communities.

This program is designed to educate residents about defusing violence.

Hairstylists and barbers attended a luncheon on Monday as an opportunity to make connections with each other and learn how to better connect with clients.

Participants were given the tools and advice on how to help their clients when faced with potential situations.

They say hair appointments are a perfect place for people to vent and for the stylists to help their customers through tough times.

"They reach out more to other guys so it's like a club a country club and they come and they talk about things that they won't talk about with their wives or girlfriends and they open up to you and then it gives you a door being an unlicensed therapist to giving them the great word or good advice"

This event is ahead of the Fading Out The Violence Expo taking place on September 20th.

At the expo, hair professionals will get bags to hand out to their clients.
In those bags, will be a green dot.
The stylists will ask their clients will write on the green dot and turn it back in.
Each stylist that receives twenty green dots will be entered to win a trip to Amelia Island.

For more information head to Green Dot GNV's facebook page.