Local brewery still standing by pledge to protest Richard Spencer by offering free beer

Published: Oct. 15, 2017 at 6:27 PM EDT
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Vivian Nguyen and Christina Ngo were spending their afternoon studying near the Phillips Center.

“And then she told me, ‘we should get tickets for the thing’.” Nguyen said, while pointing to her friend Christina Ngo.

Nguyen and Ngo say they were not actually planning on going to the event where white nationalist Richard Spencer will be speaking at this Thursday.


“And like get rid of them or shred them or just do something with them.”

Walking up to the doors, the auditorium is locked.

A sign posted on the doors says the event organizer for Spencer has decided to distribute it’s own tickets instead of using the Phillips Center Box Office.

Nguyen and Ngo say they think people will still keep looking to find tickets.

“Cause if you take it to places you can get free beer,” Ngo said.

Alligator Brewing, a local brewery is offering the free drinks to ensure less people would attend Spencer’s event.

“Our deal that we present to the community was each person who had a valid ID, could go get two and for every two tickets you brought us, we would give you a free alligator beer,” Aaron Kahn, head brewer at Alligator Brewing, said.

Alligator Brewing Company is housed inside of Tall Paul’s Brew House downtown.

“We’re trying to spin it so that everybody coming together in more of a sense of like unity,” he said.

Despite the change of who is distributing the tickets, Kahn says the company is still staying true to their pledge.

According to ALRIGHT.COM tickets for the event will be handed out through The National Policy Institute and its volunteers.

“I guess people would still want them just so they can do something about it,” Nguyen said.

UF spokesperson Janine Sikes says because the tickets are free and will not generate a revenue, the Institute is allowed to give out the tickets without violating University policy.