Local rapper arrested for making shooting threats towards UF's campus

Published: Apr. 10, 2019 at 5:40 PM EDT
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UPDATE 04/11/19 6:30 PM: 27-year-old Christopher McCallum is accused of threatening the University of Florida. In a song posted to Facebook, he raps " Catch you at a Gator game and shoot the whole campus up."

Leaving some to question what role the First Amendment plays in this situation.

"So the First Amendment for the U.S. Constitution protects a lot of free speech but it does not protect something that the United States Supreme Court calls true threats of violence, so true threats of violence are one of the few unprotected categories of speech that we have not protected by the First Amendment," stated Calvert, First Amendment expert.

With the nature of mass shootings in this country, Florida statue 836.10 was revised after the 2018 Parkland school shooting that now includes electronic records to be considered when threats are issued.

"In this case, the question is whether or not the defendant, the rapper in this case, whether or not his intent makes a difference. Did he intend this as an artistic expression, cathartic expression, something simply to entertain or did he really intend it as a true threat of violence," stated Calvert.

"When Florida statute 836.10 was rewritten last year it specifically makes reference to these types of threats and in terms of a public safety type statue, as law enforcement as those charged with public safety we can't be too careful and when somebody makes the type of mass shooting threat we're going to take it seriously," stated Lt. Brett Rhodenizer, ASO spokesperson.

One UF student says it's a safety concern she's glad it's being addressed.

" I understand the First Amendment rights and everything like that but I think it's something that's too sensitive in today's day and age where we see we're constantly scared of a mass shooting happening," stated Kenna Prins.

While some students expressed that the lyrics shouldn't have been taken seriously.

"He probably shouldn't have said it in the first place as someone who personally loves rap music I don't think I would take the claims necessarily seriously," Max Chesnes.

"I feel like in most situations most of the time people are just rapping about what they know and what they see every day so I don't think that would be any situation to directly arrest someone," stated Ketsia Jean-Charles.

With the orange and blue game set for Saturday, TV20 reached out to UF about safety concerns. They stated that while they don't discuss security measures, the university's police department is aware of the situation and is taking appropriate steps.


A music video of an Ocala rapper named Christopher Mccallum, 27 also known as "JunJun Mccallum" that was being shared on Facebook, was brought to the attention of authorities after some of the lyrics mentioned a threat to conduct a mass shooting on the campus at the University of Florida.

According to Alachua County deputies, the video that was posted on Friday, March 22, 2019, to Facebook had lyrics that also mentioned the possibility of violence at 8 Seconds the downtown Gainesville nightclub, which was hosting a concert by rap artist Keyanta Bullard also known as "Yungeen Ace" on Saturday, March 23, 2019.

Deputies say, that in the song Mccallum makes mention of an ongoing feud between a group from Ocala Shores and a group in Gainesville. He also mentions the Yungeen's Ace concert at 8 Seconds specifically as a location for retaliation.

Mccallum then makes threats to one of the rival parties that he would "catch you at a Gator Game and shoot the whole campus up"

Mccallum was arrested Tuesday and is in the Alachua County Jail. His bond is set at $50,000