Local schools taking action against coronavirus

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) – National and local government leaders have recently weighed in on the current threat of the coronavirus as the number of those affected continue to rise. Governor Ron DeSantis spoke today in a press conference saying that, while there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus in Florida, state officials are carefully watching the situation and are ready to respond to any possible outbreak.

The nation on high alert as the death toll rises in the coronavirus epidemic

Meanwhile, local school leaders are working with the CDC closely to make sure they're doing their part to keep students healthy during this time.

University of Florida is in the process of bringing home 41 students on a study-abroad program out of "an abundance of caution", says UF spokesperson, Steve Orlando.

In Marion county, school officials are meeting with the county's emergency management team to discuss their plan of action and the administration at Santa Fe College is working similarly with college emergency management officials.

Director of Alachua County Public Schoools, Jackie Johnson, said while there is certainly a need to address the global concern, Florida is not yet at high risk.

"We've heard from the Health Department and CDC that right now the risk is very low. There are no cases in Alachua County. There are no cases in Florida, so there's no reason for us to make any operational changes ... but we want parents to know that we are monitoring the situation," Johnson said.