MCSO: Truck driver shot while on I-75

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MARION COUNTY, Fla. (WCJB) -- The Marion County Sheriff's Office released their initial report on a shooting that occurred on I-75 on Thursday, March 14.

According to MCSO, a semi-truck driver traveling on I-75 in the Northbound lane near mile marker 349, just north of the SW 66th Street bridge, was shot in the arm through his passenger side window.

According to the truck driver, while driving North on I-75, the traffic had slowed down significantly due to construction on the SW 66th Street bridge. He looked in his rearview mirror and saw a car weaving in and out of traffic, finally going into the inside lane between his truck and guardrail and cutting him off. Once he was past the bridge and traffic sped up again, he heard a loud "pop". Thinking he blew a tired, he looked back into his rearview mirror, which is when his passenger window blew out and his arm flew off the steering wheel.

Realizing he had been shot he pulled over and called 911.

The Florida Highway Patrol responded, as well as the Ocala Police Department, but it was decided that it fell under the Marion County Sheriff's Department jurisdiction.

The driver was treated at the scene and he decided not to go to the hospital at that time.

The case is active and MCSO is looking for the shooter.