Man revived with Narcan punches Ocala Police officer in the face

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OCALA, Fla. An Ocala Police officer who assisted with reviving a driver with Narcan was hit in the face by the man, who was then hospitalized for a possible drug overdose.

Ocala police say they responded to the McDonalds on E. Silver Springs Boulevard after witnesses found the man unresponsive in his car suffering from an apparent drug overdose.

Meghan Shay said, "Once we got there we revived him using two cans of Narcan, the first did not work and after he came to, he jumped out of the car and attacked the officer, punching him in the face."

And the violence did not stop there; the man became aggressive with medical personal and eventually had to be held down.

Officers were then able to search the car and found bags of a powdery white substance, which was later confirmed to be heroin.

Meghan Shay said, "There was a syringe in his possession, there were bottles of controlled substances, a variety of pills. So clearly he is someone who is struggling with an addiction."

Officers were able to take the man to the Ocala Regional Medical Center to be treated and he's expected to make a full recovery.

And the State Attorney’s Office is working to determine if charges will be filed against the man for punching the officer.