Man suspected of sexually assaulting 2 women

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OCALA, Fla (WCJB) - Ocala Police have arrested the person they believe is responsible for sexually assaulting two women last month.

They say the results from the DNA testing proves that they have the right man.

Police say the man's build is what helped them track him down.

Investigators say the two victims that were attacked up and down south pine avenue described their attacker as a black male standing 6'7 weighing 260 pounds. And investigators say once they were able to get that information that it didn't take them long to find that guy."

Officials say 25-year-old Ladarius Holmes is facing sexual battery charges from two incidents in September.

In one of the attacks police say Holmes targeted a woman at this Marathon gas station.

Ocala Police Department spokesperson Meghan Shay said, one victim "was in her vehicle and he got into the passenger seat, forced her to drive to an unknown location and sexually battered her."

During the next attack they say Holmes went after a woman who was just walking down the street.

Shay said he approached the second victim "on a bicycle threw the bike down forced her behind a building and actually at gunpoint sexual assaulted her too."

Police say, right away because of the description the victims gave they were able to key in on Holmes as the suspect.

Ocala Police arrested Holmes on an unrelated warrant out of state and he was sent back to Tennessee.

While in custody there they were able to get DNA samples which link him to the assaults.

He'll now be extradited to Marion County to face those charges.

Police say Holmes is suspected of a third rape, but right now they're just waiting on DNA evidence.”