MCFR ignite flames during live fire training

BELLEVIEW, Fla., (WCJB) -- The Marion County Fire Rescue crew held a live fire training exercise today in Belleview. An unused home was donated to MCFR by a local resident and was the scene of eight live burns.

About twenty-five firefighters participated in the exercise and with the training being at an unfamiliar location, it made the experience quite intriguing.

The training places the crew in a stressful situation where they experience high heat and low visibility. During the training, firefighters learned more about fire behavior when performing search and rescue operations.

"It's second to none as far as training goes. It's a structure that our men and women have never been in before, which lets them not exactly know the outlay of the structure," said Drew Rogers, MCFR Training and Safety Chief.

This was the first live burn training experience in over two years for the crew.

“It’s a lot of fun anytime we get to do this and come out and fight a real structure fire rather than training it’s more realistic and you just get a better training out of it," said Jacob Banta, MCFR Firefighter EMT.

According to MCFR, the crew has responded to 175 structure fires since October.