Marion County Commission gets into heated discussion over Pro-Life Sanctuary

Published: Feb. 18, 2020 at 6:19 PM EST
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Marion County Commissioners are interested in declaring the county a 'Pro-Life Sanctuary.'

The idea was submitted by Commissioner Carl Zalak and could be the first proposal of its kind in the state.

The board discussed the idea for the first time Tuesday, debating on whether or not the resolution was ready to be approved.

"I'm not anxious to be the first to do something without doing it at the best and highest of excellence and therefore I cannot support the way the wording is today,” Commissioner Michelle Stone said during the meeting.

Ultimately the board decided to table the resolution to work on its language, but it didn't come without some heated discussion.

While some residents were disappointed that the resolution wasn't passed, they know it will come in time.

"God has a plan and there are times when we don't always understand that plan and we have to step out in faith. I know that it will pass. I'm confident in that,” resident Mary Peters said.

Others said it's better to focus on education and supporting women.

"Wherever you stand on this issue, it's important to know that shaming and judging other people is not going to stop that and chances are somebody you know or love had an abortion or will in their lifetime,” Executive Director, Florida Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates, Laura Goodhue said.

The commission agreed to revisit the resolution again at their second meeting in March.

If passed, a resolution like this would not give the board the authority to ban or prevent abortions from happening.