Marion County Commissioners vote to make county a Second Amendment Sanctuary

Published: Nov. 19, 2019 at 5:26 PM EST
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Marion County is the latest county in Florida to declare itself a Second Amendment Sanctuary, while Lake County was the first.

The Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution was one of the first items up on the docket for commissioners to discuss, at their meeting on Tuesday morning.

This resolution means that law-abiding gun owners are safe from having their firearms taken away.

And after a few words from Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods, "I think in the sentiment of what's going on in this nation now I think it's vitally important for us to be in the forefront of standing for what is right and standing firmly on the constitution and the second amendment," the commission unanimously approved the resolution.

"We're full support of our Second Amendment. I think all of us are continuing to do that. I think it's just a great way for us as a board to be solidified and talk about the freedoms that our founding fathers guaranteed us and to make sure that the people that we represent know that we're in full support of our constitution," said District 4 Commissioner, Carl Zalak.

The resolution was brought up by Chair Kathy Bryant after Lake County made their decision.

Several people in the community rejoiced at the decision.

Manager of Ocala Armory, Sandy Brygider is excited but said he will remain cautious.

"Anything that's pro firearms I'm in favor of pretty much, I don't think it's a bad idea but I think it's kind of symbolic, it makes a statement more than anything else," Brygider said.

But there are others who think this is not the right move.

"These sheriffs are taking things into their own hands to ignore that and ignore the constitution and it's their responsibility to uphold the constitution, right now they're ignoring it and that's wrong and it needs to stop so we will certainly be paying attention and we will be acting accordingly," said Vice President of Policy at Brady United Against Gun Violence, Christian Heyne.

Suwannee County Commissioners also adopted a Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution, at their meeting Monday night.