Marion County Dealing with Flooding in Wake of Hurricane Irma

Some areas of Marion County felt Hurricane Irma's wrath more than others when it comes to flooding.

TV20's Curtis Jennings explains why flooding could be a big concern for business owners.

"Take a look at some of Hurricane Irma's aftermath. Right now you can see I have water almost up to my calves. And as you can see behind us people have been trying to wade their cars and trucks through these deep water. Some have been successful, and some have not today. But the real problem from what I'm being told in the area are these cars right here. These businesses owners tell me that they've lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in inventory. And they say it's going to be a long process trying to reinsure the vehicles. And again you guys we are here still, Hurricane Irma has left her mark. And again it's going to be a long process before everything goes back to normal.