Marion County Pets: Meet Cooper, Dash and Wadsworth

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MARION COUNTY, Fla. (WCJB) – Let's take a look at some of this week's adorable, adoptable animals from Marion County looking for a forever home.

Cooper: The One You've Always Wanted
They say Cooper is the dog you have always wanted. This 2-year-old mixed breed is friendly, loves meeting other dogs and new people and going on walks. Plus, he's housebroken and is great to bring to the park.

Dash: The Obedient One
Dash is the longest canine resident at the shelter. The 2-year-old male has put his time there to good use and learned things like obedience training thanks to his dedicated staff. They hope he can find a good home to show off his skills.

Wadsworth: The Adrenaline Junkie
Wadsworth is a real character. The 4-year-old hopes to find a home that can match his fantastic energy like a running companion or a fellow adrenaline junkie. If someone you know needs an active friend, this might be the guy.

Normally the adoption fee for all dogs and cats is only $50, but all month, adoptions are just $17. This also includes their spay/neuter surgeries, county licenses, current vaccinations and microchips. Call Marion County Animal Services for more information or visit the shelter Tuesday through Saturday.
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