Marion County Public Schools Superintendent Visits on First Day Back

Marion County public school Superintendent Dr. Heidi Maier, made it her point Monday morning to make her way around to 26 different schools to see how their first days were going.

Heidi Maier said, "We are on the right track, and this is the year to just continue that and keep it going, we're excited Marion County is going to be an “A” district!."

Maier tasked each principal around the county to come up with a word that will best describe their individual schools.

Most teachers jumped at the opportunity to get started.

Ryan Bennett over at Madison Street Academy said, "My word this year is enjoyment. I want my students to come to my campus every day and enjoy being here, I want my teachers coming here every day and enjoying teaching, which is going to help my students enjoy learning.”

Lamar Rembert at Howard Middle School said, "Being a new principal at a new school it's so important that I foster some relationships with the community, with the students, with the families and especially the staff."

School resource officer Ronald Vann has been working at Osceola Middle School for ten years now and he says it's important for every parent to know that their kids safety is their number one priority.

Ronald Vann said, "Of course I see some familiar faces and they reach out to me to give hugs. They say, “hey Officer Vann how are you doing”, the kids are excited and glad to be back, but most importantly they're glad to be in a safe environment."

So as the new school year unfolds, staff at each school want to keep the words believe, achieve and honesty in their minds as they embark on setting a better tomorrow for their students.