Marion County man charged with arson and murder

Published: Jun. 19, 2019 at 6:19 PM EDT
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A man in Marion County is charged with arson and murder after a fire early Wednesday morning.

Marion County sheriff's deputies say 22-year-old Colby Larue shot his mother, Angela Limbaugh, at their Ocklawaha home and then set the house on fire.

Deputies say it happened around 3:30 Wednesday morning.

Once the fire was out, firefighters found Limbaugh's body.

Larue told investigators he had been watching youtube videos when he became paranoid that someone would try to rape or harm his mom.

That's when he grabbed a gun and began pacing around, looking for anyone who might hurt Limbaugh. She woke up and came downstairs, he then shot her twice and shot his dog before lighting his mattress on fire.

He told MCSO he "got into a rowboat in the backyard and rowed across the lake to a house where a bonfire was going on." Eventually, he turned himself over to deputies.

Larue is being charged with arson and homicide.

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