Marion County schools want their own textbooks, officials say

Published: Sep. 25, 2017 at 7:20 PM EDT
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The Marion County school district is looking to make a big change in their classrooms and it all has to do with textbooks.

The district wants to shift how textbooks are chosen by giving the choice to the community taking it away from the state.

"When we look at what we've been doing, according to state assessment results it’s not working."

Marion County school superintendent Heidi Maier is looking to shake things up when it comes to the district's current textbooks.

Dr. Heidi Maier said," There's some gaps in the curriculum that we're using. So investigating how we can improve it and we found that there is a pathway called plan a according to the district where districts can choose their own textbooks."

And parents say they're on board.

Susi Laisney said, Ii think it’s good for change and i hope the district does it sooner rather than later. Shoot the kids now are learning faster now than I did, but overall change is good."

District officials have already reached out to publishers and placed bids.

And the board plans to form a committee with members of the community to review and choose the books the district will use.

Melissa Kinard said, "We're up for 17 different core subjects that are able to be adopted for textbooks this year. So whether it's technology pieces we'll be able to look at the standards that each one has in it. So it'll be a great opportunity for us here in the county."

And Maier says if the new textbook plan is approved by the school board in late October, that it could go into effect for the 2018-19 school year.