Marion County voting machines tested, 100% accurate

Published: Aug. 10, 2018 at 4:09 PM EDT
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Marion County is making sure their voting machines are reading ballots accurately.

The supervisor of elections office did accuracy testing yesterday.

The voting machines were randomly selected and election officials ran the ballots through to test the reading.

Supervisor of elections Wesley Wilcox says voters can cast their ballot with confidence, knowing their vote is accurately recorded and counted as marked.

The upcoming elections are fast approaching, and at the Marion County Supervisor of Elections office, they're making sure your vote will be counted correctly by testing their voting machines for accurate reading.

Wilcox walked us through the process.

As they methodically tested their ballots and machines...

"I think that's one of the big duties as Supervisors of Elections, not only here, but everywhere, is that we continue to preach our story. To tell that it's not something we though of last night at eight o'clock and we said 'hey lets just put this thing together,' this is a multi-month process," said Wilcox.

And to Wilcox, making sure the votes are secure is his number one priority.

"I've been going to cyber security training, myself and my staff, for 18 months," he said.

Wilcox also said that because these machines have no access to the internet, or any other avenue for information, so election result hacking cannot and did not take place.

"How does 'what' happen?" Wilcox asked in reference to voter hacking, "You can't get into that system, it's not connected to the internet, the reality is that didn't happen."

But what is being affected, Wilcox says, is the way our voters think.

"The biggest fear that I have, probably the biggest reality, is the constant attacks of the system is undermining voter confidence," he continued.

The elections office is equipped with virus and malware detection, a software that tracks every piece of information in the agency, and other proactive measures to prevent quote voter hacking.

But Wilcox says "We need to continue to get better."

Today Wilcox told me all voting machines tested with 100% accuracy. On the phone, he said he will protect the sanctity of voting vigorously, and is committed to ensuring accurate, transparent, and secure elections in Marion County.