Marion Technical College CDL program gets new training location

Published: Jan. 10, 2020 at 4:53 PM EST
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The Marion Technical College unveiled it's new driver training pad Friday morning.

The course trains students on the rules of the road, helping them to earn their license for commercial driving.

The 500 by 200 foot area offers students enrolled in the commercial vehicle driving course, a safe and dedicated area to drive and park large trucks, which former MTC student Vanroy Bernard said will be great for incoming students.

"The previous students, we would have to schedule to go to the College of Central Florida's backing pad, but here you can have the chance to come out here any time you want to," Bernard said.

And current students like James Ivery can't wait to get behind the wheel.

"It's a great idea. It gives us a more realistic feel of what the road is going to be like. We're allowed to mess up and we can fix it and it gives us a sense of comfort to be safe when we're on the roads, so we're more confident when it's time totally get on the road and I think it's a great experience," Ivery said.

Now starting its ninth class, school officials hope that this new training pad will help mold excellent truck drivers.

"For the next generations to come we'll be able to serve our community in providing high-quality training for truck drivers," said Career Technical Education Executive Director with Marion County Public Schools, Mark Vianello.

The creation of this new driver training pad was three years in the making Marion County School District officials said.

The $375,000 dollar driving pad was largely made possible by Marion County School Board Funding and donations from private companies.