Marksville holds candlelight vigil for lives lost in I-75 Crash

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MARKSVILLE, La. (KALB) - After an unthinkable tragedy, the Marksville community came together for a candlelight vigil to remember and celebrate the lives of the five children lost.

The vigil was held on the Marksville High School football field which was the school of 14-year-old Jeremiah Warren.

The service started at 5:30 and the bleachers filled with community members along with members of the family.

Balloons were released for each child and candles were lit at the end.

Anthony Mangun was able to get Pastor Eric Descant on the phone during the vigil to tell him " We got hundreds of people here telling you we love you. "

Pastor Eric Descant with The House of Mercy answered and addressed them over the phone saying. " I know it and believe it because we are experiencing, because i just never knew that a heart could break so much and still work. And i know it is because of the prayers of the community. "

The Marksville Principal says when students start school back Wednesday they will have support staff on hand.