Massive horses fall into icy waters, community responds to rescue them

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MONROE COUNTY, Pa. (WCJB)-- A Pennsylvania community rallied together, Saturday, to rescue two Clydesdale horses that fell into icy waters, according to a report from WBRE news

"I saw two horse heads sticking up out of the ice. That was the only thing you saw," said Chief Leon Clapper with the Blue Ridge Hook & Ladder Fire Company.

Each horse, weighing more than 1,500 pounds, fell through the ice at Pine Grove Lake in Monroe County.

Both horses, named Wilhelm and Gunter, had broken out of their enclosures and ran out onto the ice. But the ice gave way about a football field's length from shore.

"You've got to trench your way to get them back," said Chief Clapper. "Because of the weight, there was no way we were going to pick them up, put them on the ice and slide them out in a boat."

Emergency responders used a boat to cut a rescue path through the ice, then secured roped and bands around the horses to begin pulling them to shore.

As word spread about the dilemma, the community responded.

"Some of the other neighbors were horse people so they went and got heaters, their blankets and stuff like that. It was, you know, one hell of a team effort," Chief Clapper said.

With Wilhelm and Gunter near exhaustion, after about an hour in the icy water, both were finally rescued.

"I haven't met a horse that if they want to get out of somewhere they can't find a way to do it," said Deborah DiPasquale with Quiet Valley Farm. "They're little Houdinis."

A veterinarian did monitor both horses through the night to make sure they were okay.