Match Day for UF College of Medicine students

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GAINESVILLE, Fla., (WCJB) --- University of Florida medical students were all smiles as they learned where they will spend the next step in their journey to become doctors. Being accepted to a residency is what match day is all about.

121 students successfully matched in medical facilities across the country where they will begin their residencies after graduation.

"It's just a day to be excited about looking forward to the future and what we're going to get to do. All of us have our dream jobs ahead of us so it's really exciting," Jordan Reasor, UF medical student.

40% of the students are going on to specialize in primary care. While family medicine has the highest number of matches in 19 years for UF's College of Medicine.

Now that students have been matched the next step for many may be finding a new home after graduation. And for those who were matched with UF they may possibly be looking around the same time.

With graduation around the corner and residencies beginning shortly after many of these students consider house hunting pretty soon.

"They are most likely renting at this point and once they know that they are going to be residences here, again knowing that they're going to be here at least 3-5 years they may be considering at this point buying," stated Rana Schafer, Broker-Associate Realtor.

Schafer says there is a very tight inventory in the Gainesville housing market.

"We'll you're looking at maybe 50 people buying houses in a tight market that we have right now in Gainesville, so it's going to be tough finding them something."