Matheson History Museum holds lecture on the Rosewood Massacre

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB)-- February is black history month, and to recognize African American history, the Matheson History Museum held a lecture with an African American author and historian Thursday.

Lizzie Jenkins spoke at the museum about the Rosewood Massacre. The massacre happened in 1923 in levy county, when a group of white people attacked the predominantly African American town of Rosewood.

For Jenkins, her aunt had been involved in the massacre. At the lecture, she brought artifacts from her family that had ties to Rosewood, including a picture of her aunt. "Keep history, uphold history, do what is right. Keep history alive, because that is important. History is who we are, and without history we are nothing," said Jenkins

Jenkins says she continues to lecture about Rosewood at events because it keeps people informed and that is how the world will change for the better.