Meet the Candidates for the Alachua County District 2 Commission Seat

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ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla. (WCJB) -- Here's a link to the candidates websites in last name alphabetical order:
Gregory Caudill:
Scott Costello:
Marihelen Wheeler:

Lee Pinkoson has held the seat of Alachua County District 2 Commissioner since 2002. This year he'll be stepping down leaving three candidates with an opportunity to take the seat.
Scott Costello, Gregory Caudill, and Marihelen Wheeler are running for the spot and explain the backgrounds that make them valuable to the commission and to residents on the county.

Wheeler is an educator who explains that she worked in Kentucky, Connecticut, in Levy County for 10 years, and in Alachua County for 22 years.
Costello has served on 11 charity and 3 business boards. He owns a business in the county and is the founder of Taste of Greater Gainesville.
Caudill graduated from Eastside High School in Gainesville and attended UF and UCF. After serving in the military for 4 years, he moved back to Alachua County and is a data analyst.

Wheeler explains that she's worked with thousands of families in the county and that there are no women voices currently on the commission.
Costello says he is independent of political parties and is "serving the residents of Alachua county" not "special interest groups".
Caudill explains why his career as a data analyst gives him confidence as a problem solver.

The candidates discussed road problems, education and economic disparities in the county, environmental issues, economic growth, and the county's high cost of living.