Micanopy school celebrates 'Zero Victimization Status' through the radKIDS program

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MICANOPY, Fla. (WCJB)-- A school in Micanopy held a ceremony today to celebrate being the first school in Florida to have what's called 'Zero Victimization Status' through the radKIDS program.

The radKIDS program was created to give children and parents the skills they need to escape violence or harm. First graders through fifth graders at Micanopy Area Cooperative School completed the curriculum.

Deputy Cary Gallop worked with the students during the training and appreciates the benefits of the program.

"30 years in law enforcement—this is the first time I've been apart of something that I really felt was a life-changing event," Gallop said. "Not only for me but for all of the kids who become radKIDS."

The topics the curriculum addresses include abduction, bullying, child abuse, and sexual assault.