Micanopy town leaders propose moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries

MICANOPY, Fla. (WCJB) - The talk about the possibility for medical marijuana dispensaries in Micanopy is creating a buzz for some residents.

Leaders of the town of Micanopy have decided to propose a moratorium, in other words, a hold on medical marijuana dispensaries setting up their business.

One resident says he was worried this moratorium could be a permanent thing.

"It's been a hot conversation on Facebook,” Father Les Singleton of Micanopy, says the topic of medical marijuana dispensaries has caught the attention of several residents.

Especially with a moratorium town leaders want to pass that would put the application of these types of businesses on temporary hold.

"I was concerned that the idea of a moratorium was in some sense to thwart the state law and hinder the availability of medical marijuana,” Father Les Singleton said.

but town leaders are clearing the air… saying the moratorium is not a ban.

"Always good to err on the side of caution that's what this is all about. We just want to make sure that whenever anything like this takes place, that we do it the right way,"

A legal tool allowing governments to take the time to set up a framework to determine where to place businesses, like medical marijuana dispensaries.

"Municipalities' codes must support the types of businesses that are going to come in and do business within their boundaries,” Micanopy Mayor, Virginia Mance, said.

The town of Micanopy has two commercial districts.

One is the historic district

Mayor Mance says the second is more service oriented, with banks restaurants, and gas stations.

“That will more than likely be the corridor that we discuss for the medical medical marijuana dispensary area, however we have not even begun to discuss it yet,” she said.

If passed, the moratorium would be in effect until December 12th.

The commission says they have no intent on extending the moratorium nor passing another one.

In order for the moratorium to pass, there has to be a second public hearing.

The hearing will be held on march 13th at 7:30pm in Micanopy's Town Hall.