Jury recommends death penalty for Michael Bargo

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MARION COUNTY, Fla. (WCJB)-- UPDATE: A judge has sentenced convicted murderer, Michael Bargo, to death for a second time.

Bargo was convicted in the death of Seath Jackson in 2013 and sentenced to death.

However, the State Supreme Court has ruled that juries must be unanimous in death penalty cases.

After Bargo was sent to trial again, the jury unanimously recommended the death penalty.

Today, Judge Anthony Tatti sentenced Bargo to death.


The man convicted of the murder of Seath Jackson has learned his fate.

Michael Bargo was initially sentenced to death; however, given a change in Florida's death penalty law, Bargo was given the chance to change his sentence.

The jury took about five hours Tuesday to deliberate in Bargo's resentencing.

Michael Shane Bargo Jr. has been sentenced to death row yet again.

Throughout this entire trial, the prosecution has been emphasizing that Bargo was completely aware of his actions and wanted to do what he wanted to do, while the defense claimed Bargo's multiple mental illnesses impaired his judgment and he acted like that of a child.

Now after five days of discussions, the state has come out victorious. The judge thanked the jurors for their time and commitment.

And Bargo was sent immediately back into Department of Corrections custody.