Missing Wisconsin teenager Jayme Closs found alive

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GORDON, Wis. (WCJB/ABC) The 13-year-old Wisconsin teenager Jayme Closs, who was missing since October 15th when her parents were found dead inside the family home, has been found alive. Investigators announced that Jayme had been found alive in Gordon, Wisconsin. About an hour north of her last known location.

The Barron County Sheriff's Department issuing a statement saying she had been found by the Douglas County Sheriff's Department and that a suspect was taken into custody.

Going on to say "we promised to bring Jayme home and tonight we get to fulfill that promise."

Jayme was last seen at a family gathering on Sunday, October 14th. Hours later, at about 1:00 am Monday morning police received a puzzling 911 call from inside Jayme's home.

In October sheriff Chris Fitzgerald said "the 911 call was given that night from the residents on a cell phone but no contact was made with somebody that was on the other line. There was no one communicating with our dispatchers."

The sheriff's department is asking everyone to respect the family's privacy as they reunite them with Jayme.

No further details were released, but a press conference has been scheduled for Friday morning.