Uncovered tires provide breeding grounds for mosquitoes

Published: Jun. 29, 2018 at 6:20 PM EDT
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Rainwater, standing water, and even unmaintained pool water are the usual suspects for mosquito breeding grounds.

Florida Health Department officials want residents to be aware of the not-so-usual suspects as well.

Anything that can hold water is a threat, with uncovered tires being one of the most common issues.

"The shape of the tire traps water when it rains and creates a shaded environment, so they are a significant known breeding source for mosquitoes," said Environmental Health Director, Anthony

"By law, any condition capable of breeding mosquitoes is considered a sanitary nuisance that we investigate and has to be abated."

Mosquito-bourne illnesses are also a big concern this time of year.

Just last week, UF researchers announced the discovery of a mosquito-borne illness, the Keystone Virus, surfacing in humans for the first time.

Other places to think about include toys, plants, pots, boat covers, and gutters.