Mother Sets Up Animal Shelter Fundraiser To Honor Daughters Memory

In April 23-year old Kourtney Lambert was struck by lightning and killed while mud bogging In White Springs. Now her mother is organizing an event to keep her memory alive, and will also raise money for one of her biggest passions, rescue animals.

Kourtney’s mother Lynn Studstill says organizing the fundraiser to help the Gilchrist County animal shelter has helped her cope with the sudden loss.

“Even though we’re doing this in her name I’d much rather have her with me because she wasn’t just my daughter she was my best friend.”

Lynn Studstill says she used to drive a school bus, and she noticed her daughters loving heart towards animals one day while taking kids home.

“ I had to go down a dirt road and there was a little puppy in the road and it was a black lab and she just had to have the black lab. So when I stopped to let the kids off who lived there a lady came out to get the kids and Kourtney stepped to the door and said can I have that puppy? We ended up with the puppy and we named him Boss.”

All the meal preparations are already underway, Lynn hopes if it goes well it can be a yearly occurrence instead of a one time deal.

“Her favorite time of year was in the fall so I’d like to do something like that every year and all the money still go to the animal shelter.”

Tv20's Landon Harrar reported, “one thing you can also bring to help for this fundraiser is used towels and bleach. Everything will be donated to the Gilchrist County Animal Control Shelter and those are two things they say they use more than almost anything else.”

You can find Lynn under a large tent in Trenton from 11 am until 2 pm on the Main Street, it costs 10 dollars for a lunch plate.