Motiv8u of NCFL official launch day

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(WCJB)-- A community based non-profit organization, Motiv8u of NCFL provides inspiration and training programs to youths. The organization partners with schools and the community to accomplish rollins' goals and mission.

The non-profit started with a vision by John S. Rollins in 2004. Rollins said he imagined an organization that would change the global perspective of self-worth and internal value. In 2020, Rollins' vision has come to life.

"We want to motivate, we want to educate, we want to equip," said Rollins.

In the years leading up to the official launch, Motiv8u has worked to make a difference in the community. Executive director Chantelle Smith spoke about testimonials resulting from the non-profit.

Smith said, "we even have teachers and even parents that give formal testimonials in regard to what we've done to the child's life. They've seen major turn arounds."

Directly impacted by Motiv8u, Shamar Lewis is now a student ambassador. At only 15, Lewis said life is easier.

"It made my life more easier, being serious and dedicated. Like, because I play football, and I really didn't care too much. But now since I've been in the program I see, life is more important. Life, like you only got one life, live life to the fullest," added Lewis.

To conclude the event, City Commissioner Gigi Simmons proclaimed today Motiv8u of NCFL day.