Multiple dogs saved from terrible conditions in Ocala are almost ready for adoption

Marion County animal services have announced that multiple rescue dogs that were saved from uninhabitable living conditions are almost ready for adoptions.

The puppies were rescued back in October from Janet Manfredo who had over 60 dogs in her home.

The dogs were legally awarded to the Marion County animal services and they groomed them, medicated them and now have them just about ready to be taken to a loving home.

The animal services say "We want to be sure that all adopters are fully prepared to accept that these dogs are not housebroken. We will provide a housebreaking tip sheet for all adopters, but we suggest to read up now, to ready yourselves for this task. It could take weeks or even months for you teach and them to learn. We suggest these tips:"

Wednesday, Nov. 29th is the first day that the dogs will be available for adoption. Our kennels will be open from 10am-5pm. Dogs will not be placed on hold for anyone. Potential adopters can meet the dogs on a first come-first served basis.

Rabies vaccines are available at your own vet, a vaccine clinic, our shelter or the Neuter Commuter during our rabies clinic hours.

Tuesday, our bus will be at the S441 Sheriff Substation (near Belleview) from 2pm-3pm. Tomorrow, the Freedom Library from 2pm-3pm, or you can come our shelter on Wednesday from 2pm-3pm. MCAS will be closed from Nov. 23-25th for the holiday. See more about our licensing requirements here:…/pet-licensing-and-microchips.