UPDATE: Schools, over 30 streets and roadways closed or impacted by flooding in Levy and Dixie Counties

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LEVY COUNTY, Fla. (WCJB) - UPDATE 08/20/2019 7:00pm:

The Levy County Department of Emergency Management and the Levy County Road Department have updated their road closures.

State Road 24 from Otter Creek to Cedar Key is back open.

State Road 24 from Bronson to Otter Creek is still closed.

UPDATE 08/20/2019 12:45 pm:

South Highway 349 in Dixie County is now open.

UPDATE 08/20/2019 9:11AM: State Road 24 from Otter Creek to Cedar Key has been re-opened. State Road 24 from Bronson to US Highway 19 is still closed.

UPDATE 8/19/2019 6:20pm:

Roads leading in to and out of Levy County that are normally two lanes have been narrowed down to one.

That's because of water flooding over the grass medians and shoulders on to the street.

UPDATE 8/19/2019 4:16pm:
According to the School Board of Levy County, Cedar Key will be in session tomorrow, August 20th.
Dixie County schools will also be back open.

UPDATE 8/19/2019 1:00pm:

Heavy rain could affect well water, say city leaders in Dixie County.

If the well casing is submerged, either use bottled water or boil or disinfect water before use.

For directions on how to disinfect well water, Dixie County Emergency Services has instructions on their Facebook page, which is linked at the bottom of the article.

Springs in the Levy County area are also being affected.

Blue Springs, Devil's Hammock, and Henry Beck Park are all closed until further notice.

Additionally, boat ramps in the area are closed.

8/18/2019 9:30pm:

Dixie County officials have announced that all county schools will be closed due to flooding in the area.

Levy County schools are still expected to be open at this time, with the exception of Cedar Key School.

Due to the heavy rainfall and localized flooding in the Cedar Key and Yankeetown areas, a few buses will be running an abbreviated route on Monday (8/19) and Tuesday (8/20).

According to information from the Levy County School District, drivers will contact parents in flooded areas who may need to deliver their students to the nearest main road or designated stop where they can be picked up.

This applies to the Cedar Key and Yankeetown attendance zones. All buses in those zones will not be impacted.

If you realize that your street is significantly flooded and may present problems for the bus, please call your bus driver before the morning route to confirm any adjustments.

Cedar Key School is closed Monday.

According to Levy County Emergency Management officials, several roads and locations in the county have been closed or impacted due to flooding in the area.

These include:

1. State Road 24 west of Otter Creek to County Road 345 (closed)
2. State Road 24 from Bronson to Otter Creek (closed)
3. State Road 27 northbound outside lane from Northeast 94th Place to County Road 339 (closed)
4. County Road 326 from County Road 337 to U.S. 19 (closed)
5. Palm Street Bridge in Inglis (closed)
6.County Road 40 East at Pine and Hudson in Inglis (closed)
7. Palm Street in Inglis (closed)
8. Schoolcraft Road in Inglis (closed)
9. Southwest 60th Street off County Road 345 (open for local traffic only)
10. Most residential roads in Otter Creek (flooded)
11. All roads in the town of Yankeetown
12. All roads in the town of Inglis
13. Devil's Hammock, Henry Beck Park, and Blue Springs (all closed until further notice)
14. All county boat ramps (closed until further notice)
15. Hammock Road near County Road 40 East
16. County Road 40 East at Dans Drive to Palms Street
17. County Road 336 near State Road 24
18. Southeast 100th Terrace
19. County Road 335 east of U.S. Highway 121
20. Southeast 118th Court and Southeast 196th Lane at Peaceful Acres
21. County Road 347 at Southwest Buck Trail, From Fowler's Buff to Cedar Key
22. County Road 336 near County Road 345
23. County Road 326 near County Road 343
24. Northeast 20th Street near Northeast 152nd Court
25. County Road 326, 5 miles west of County Road 337
26. Northeast 20th Street near Northeast 152nd Court
27. County Road 40 West Yankeetown, from Pamela Drive to 4-way intersection
28. Southwest 41st Street at County Road 345
29. County Road 40 near Hammock Road
30. Butler Road and County Road 40A (underwater)
31. Michigan Avenue in Inglis (underwater)
32. Azalae Avenue in Inglis (underwater)
33. County Road 40 East near Elm Street
34. State Road 51 in Steinhatchee at 2nd Avenue

Residents are advised to avoid those streets and areas if at all possible.

Rain estimates have exceeded nine inches in parts of the county.

If any other streets or areas are flooded, you can call and report them to 352-486-5111.

For more information and updates on flooding and road closures in Levy County, visit Levy County Emergency Management's website.

There are also flood advisory alerts and road closures for parts of Dixie County.

The county is limiting access to non-residents of the city of Suwannee on South Highway 349 starting at Highway 346.

Marion County Sheriff's Deputies say that flooding in the Ocala Garden Apartments have caused some residents to evacuate. Some residents are staying at a temporary shelter.