Mustang Bar and Grill reopens after Hurricane Irma

Two months and two days has been too long for Shaun Willis

“It seemed a lot longer than it was, and for the customers, even longer,” Willis said.

He owns The Mustang Bar and Grill, a hotspot for for people in and around Archer.

But thanks to Hurricane Irma, the grill had to close its doors in September.

“All the wind and rain just came in the building and flooded out the entire building,” Willis said.

Now, after months of work and a little help from regulars, they’re back open for business with an updated look.

"We’ve actually had a lot of customers come in to help with repairs,” Willis said.

He says his customers are his priority, and they’ve made The Mustang Bar and Grill a priority in return.

"The customers are happy, they’re excited to be here."

He says he was more than ready to open up such a staple restaurant in the small town and he hopes for a big weekend with familiar faces following their re-opening.

“I’m just glad to be back open, as a part of the community, part of the local business and we’re just looking forward to being around for a long time,” Willis said.