NCFL springs clearing up after flooding river turns water brown

As the end of summer vacation nears, some residents are noticing the once crystal clear water of North Central Florida springs turning brown.

It is not the first time the springs have flooded or turned dark. When Hurricane Irma struck, several springs were closed for months.

Visitors of Gilchrist Blue Springs State Park have been noticing the usual clear blue water looking a bit murkier.

Suwannee River Water Management says normally millions of gallons of water pump out through the lime rock to the spring’s pretty blue-green color.

Management also says the recent brown color is due to the rain causing the Santa Fe River to flood.

"But when the river rises, the river has lots of tannics and organics which is why the river water is normally brown and it comes over. It puts more pressure and it holds that pretty clear water down,” Connie Woodward, with Suwannee River Water Management, said.

Due to the current flooding on the river, Poe Springs Park is closed through the weekend.

At Ginnie Springs, tubing is available this but only recommended for experienced swimmers since the river is still high and moving quickly

Blue Springs will be open and is safe to swim in.

"It's not really any more dangerous than the normal river water but when it does have flood scenario, there's a little bit extra bacterial contaminants that get into the water,” Woodward said.

Suwannee River Water Management says there have been abnormal rain patterns recently so it will be up to mother nature to determine when Blue Springs will completely clear up.