NCFL's youngest band set to play debut concert

Gainesville, Fla. (WCJB) It smells like pre-teen spirit, one of North Central Florida's youngest bands is ready to make its stage debut.
We'll introduce you to the band and show you where you can see their first performance.

They're a group of kids who love riding their bikes and music, especially rock. Out of those two passions the legend of "Twisted Pedal" has been born.

Ranging from ages 11 to 13 the band started off as many bands do, in a garage.
Dewey Finn who manages the band said, "this started because a couple of kids wanted to play instruments together. They started playing rock and roll in my house and we had to move to the garage and it became clear they could do more than mess around in the house so they became an actual band."
Zack Kazlauskas who plays lead guitar and was designated the band spokesman said, "I like playing the guitar with the band and I like having other people to play with so I don't just play boring stuff."

The band practices a few times a week and they like a specific type of music.
Mother to two of the band members Wendy Wacker went into detail. "They definitely want to rock. They don't want to play any other type of music. They'll listen to other types of music but they're 11 to 13 years old and they like to rock."

They even believe their sound could be considered classic, however, Wacker isn't quite sold on that distinction.
"They call it classic rock but compared to the parents, it's not quite classic but we'll let them get away with that."

You can normally find the band on the street during gator football games rocking away, but this weekend will be their first big show.
Finn said, "they play at all the Gator football games and will be playing at the five points of life charity run this Saturday at Celebration Point."
an opportunity Kazlauskas says all the members are ready for. "I'm excited because it's going to be our first actual band thing instead of just playing in the streets of Gainesville by alumni hall so that will be fun."

The boys say after they're done rocking out and they've got blisters on their fingers and slapped all the bass they can handle, then its time to hop on the bikes or pick up a ball and blend back into the playful shenanigans of being a middle school boy.