NHRA held Gatornationals demonstration in Gainesville

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB)-- The National Hot Rod Association gave an audience a taste of what to expect at this year's 50th Annual Gatornationals.

Terry McMillen and his crew were outside getting ready for the 50th Annual Gatornationals on 1250 West University Avenue.

McMillen has been racing for as long as he can remember and has been racing with NHRA for 12 years.

His favorite part about the ceremonial engine startup event for Gatornationals is the interaction with fans and to give them a chance to see a crew rebuild the motor and re-fire the engine to a dragster.

“We can do that in approximately 40 minutes after a run with everything 900 degrees or more,”McMillen said. “We can disassemble it to have it reassembled and running at 40 minutes back up at the starting line."

McMillen is excited to be one of the racers in the competition.

“Being the 50th anniversary, I honestly believe this is going to be the biggest race of the year,” McMillen said. “I think there's more people, more fans and just the excitement around it has been tremendous."

He has two things he is looking forward to this year.

“One thing--to win,” McMillen said.

But he is also looking forward to seeing a variety of cars racing on the track.

“There's anything from a station wagon all the way up to a top fuel car and you have the opportunity to race,” McMillen said. “That's pretty incredible and that's what our sport has to offer. There's nothing in comparison."

Gatornationals will start on March 14 and will end on March 17 at the Gainesville Raceway.