National School Lunch Week; USDA visits Gainesville High School

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GAINESVILLE, Fla., (WCJB) --- There are more than 30 million students in the US served school lunch every day according to the School Nutrition Association.

Hundreds of students at Gainesville High School line up for school lunch every day and over time the menu has changed to help promote a healthy lifestyle.

"Being healthy is obviously going to save your life like you know you got to take your dieting seriously," said Eric Pugh, GHS senior.

Students at GHS are being offered a build your own concept for lunch, where they can create their own meals.

"I was obese up until like sophomore year and then I really started taking my health and dieting seriously so now with this new edition that they've done to the school lunches, it has personally allowed me to take more charge to my health," said Pugh.

Thursday during lunchtime members from the United States Department of Agriculture visited GHS for National School Lunch Week and National Farm to School Month.

"We at USDA feel that these kinds of meals actually set the example for hat we would like to see students have and receive on a daily basis," said Lilly Bouie, USDA Regional Director for Food and Nutrition Service.

The newly renovated cafeteria was also a big hit.

"It had so much response on social media even from past students that have already come and gone years layer they were commenting about how fabulous and how lucky the students are to have these kinds of options available to them," said Caron Rowe, media specialist for

"We believe that educating the child is extremely important but it's more important that the child not be hungry," said Bouie.

There's even a food truck on-site where students can also customize meals. Both Bouie and Rowe say they hope that this serves as a model for other schools in not just the state but the country.